TCU: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)



Teams and Resources


Leadership Team – Victor Boschini, Nowell Donovan, Catherine Wehlburg, Ed McNertney


Governance and Administration

    Chair:  Mike Butler

     Vice-Chair:  Cecilia Silva


Planning and Effectiveness

    Chair:  Nadia Lahutsky

     Vice-Chair:  Greg Stephens


Educational Programs

     Chair: Suzy Lockwood

     Vice-Chair: Brad Lucas


     Chair: Dick Rinewalt

     Vice-Chair: Sharon Fairchild


Library and Other Learning Resources

     Chair: June Koelker

     Vice-Chair: Mags Rittby


Student Affairs and Services

     Chair: Robin Williamson

     Vice-Chair: Phil Hartman


Financial and Physical Resources

     Chair: Leo Munson

     Vice-Chair: Kenneth Janak


Enrollment Services

    Chair: Cathy Coghlan

     Vice-Chair: Steve Weis


Federal Requirements

    Chair: Ruben Chanlatte

     Vice-Chair: Melissa Schroeder


QEP Team

      Chair: TBA

       Vice Chair: TBA

Review Team

    Chair: Blaise Ferrandino

     Vice-Chair Rob Garnett



Committee Charge

Style Guide

Data from 2009 and 2009 Non-Compliance Issues