TCU: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)






SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation Timeline

Aug.-Sept., 2010


SACS Reaffirmation Team created.



Sept.-Dec., 2010


Presentations to academic units.



December, 2010


SACS Annual Meeting.



Jan.-March, 2011


Presentations to administrative units.



March-May, 2011


Faculty Credentials comm. creates recommendations.



April, 2011


QEP topic selection comm. meets for the first time.



June 1, 2011


2010-11 assessment reports due.



Nov. 1, 2011


First Draft of Compliance Certification Narratives Due





Nov. 1, 2011


QEP pre-proposals due.





December, 2011


SACS Annual Meeting.



January, 2012


QEP topic selected.



February, 2012


QEP development begins.








Sept.10, 2012


Compliance Certification due to SACS.



Nov. 6-9., 2012


Off-site review.



Dec/Jan. 2013


Draft Focused Report (if necessary)



Feb. 8, 2013


Focused Report and QEP due to SACS.



March 26-28 2013


Site visit -- addresses QEP and any deficiencies in Compliance Certification.



Sept, 2013


Submit site visit response to SACS.



Dec. 2013


SACS Annual Meeting -- TCU University receives reaffirmation final report from SACS.